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SphereShield: Empowering Legal Firms with Advanced Compliance Solutions


In the fast-paced and highly regulated world of legal practice, confidentiality, compliance, and effective communication are paramount. Legal firms handle sensitive client information daily, necessitating robust solutions to ensure strict adherence to regulations while maximizing productivity. SphereShield is a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of legal firms, providing a secure, controlled, and efficient environment for communication and data management. 

SphereShield recognizes the varying communication needs within legal firms. Its flexibility in creating communication policies based on users, groups, or domains allows for tailored controls. For example, it can restrict external communication for specific cases or enable secure channels for privileged client discussions. 

Ethical Wall: Safeguarding Confidentiality 

Legal firms deal with confidential information daily. SphereShield’s Ethical Wall feature enables these firms to establish barriers restricting interaction among users. This ensures that sensitive client data remains within authorized circles, preventing unauthorized access or communication. 

Real-Time Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Securing Sensitive Data 

The real-time DLP capabilities of SphereShield are indispensable for legal firms. Active content inspection ensures that sensitive information, such as case details or client records, never leaves the firm’s network. Integration with leading DLP vendors strengthens this defence against data breaches. 

Archive & eDiscovery: Effortless Compliance Management 

Legal compliance often involves extensive data retrieval. SphereShield simplifies this process by maintaining a separate repository for all communications. Legal firms can easily search and retrieve files, messages, audio, video, and meeting activities based on specific parameters, aiding in compliance checks and eDiscovery. 

Recording AI Compliance Analysis: Meeting Regulatory Standards 

SphereShield’s recording and AI compliance analysis feature is a game-changer for legal firms. Storing and analyzing meeting transcripts ensures adherence to regulatory standards. Video OCR capabilities allow for the identification of critical phrases or content, facilitating rapid search and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 

In essence, SphereShield’s suite of solutions is tailor-made for legal firms, addressing their unique compliance, communication, and data security needs. By implementing SphereShield, legal practices can uphold strict confidentiality standards, adhere to regulatory requirements, and maintain efficient communication channels, thereby gaining a competitive edge while safeguarding client trust and confidentiality. With SphereShield, legal firms can confidently navigate the complexities of their industry while ensuring utmost compliance and productivity. 

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Webex Security Essentials: Protecting Data and Ensuring Compliance


Communication and collaboration platforms like Webex play a pivotal role in business operations, ensuring robust security and compliance measures is paramount. Companies worldwide are seeking solutions that not only bolster security but also streamline compliance adherence without hindering productivity. Enter SphereShield for Webex—a comprehensive solution designed to tackle the intricate requirements of Compliance, Governance, Data Protection, and Security while maintaining seamless productivity. 

Real-time Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

One of the standout features of SphereShield is its real-time Data Loss Prevention capabilities. It empowers organizations to scrutinize content—be it files or messages—flowing through Webex in real time. Leveraging the AGAT DLP engine or integrating seamlessly with leading DLP vendors, SphereShield allows the retention of existing policies. Moreover, it efficiently links potential incidents to eDiscovery, facilitating a comprehensive review of conversation contexts for prompt action. 

Ethical Wall Implementation 

Maintaining control and establishing boundaries within communication channels is critical. SphereShield addresses this through its Ethical Wall feature, which enables the blocking of communication between users while offering granular control over user activities like desktop sharing and file transfers. The platform allows for the creation of communication policies based on various parameters such as user groups, domains, conversation types (Channels/Chats), and scopes (internal/external). This level of control ensures a secure and compliant communication environment without impeding necessary collaboration. 

Extended eDiscovery Capabilities 

SphereShield further extends its functionality through enhanced eDiscovery capabilities. It facilitates seamless archiving of data, whether on the cloud or on-site, enabling users to effortlessly search and export communications based on specific parameters like user, time, channel, and text. What’s more, this solution integrates seamlessly with existing on-site eDiscovery and archiving solutions, offering a cohesive approach to data management and compliance. 

The integration of SphereShield for Webex serves as a proactive step towards fortifying security and compliance measures without disrupting the day-to-day operations of businesses. It not only mitigates risks associated with data breaches and non-compliance but also empowers organizations with tools to efficiently manage and monitor communications. 

In a digital landscape riddled with evolving threats and regulatory requirements, SphereShield stands as a robust ally, offering a multifaceted approach to Webex security. By combining real-time DLP, Ethical Wall implementation, and extended eDiscovery capabilities, it elevates Webex’s capabilities to meet the rigorous standards of modern cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. 

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In conclusion, SphereShield for Webex is a testament to innovation in the realm of collaboration platform security. It doesn’t just provide a shield—it fosters an environment where security, compliance, and productivity coexist harmoniously, safeguarding sensitive information while facilitating seamless collaboration. 

The need of the hour for businesses is a solution that not only fortifies security but also aligns with compliance mandates. SphereShield for Webex emerges as that comprehensive solution—a guardian of communication integrity and a beacon of compliance in the digital age. 

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Announcing Webex Meetings New Capabilities

AGAT Software provides unique compliance and productivity solutions for Webex Meetings including Ethical Wall to control participants and activities during the meeting, eDiscovery to audit and store all meeting data, DLP to inspect meeting content by policy, and lastly, Virtual Asstsiatnt and Sentiment analysis to improve productivity and performance.

Continue reading to learn more about SphereShield for Webex Meetings.

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Ethical Wall

In situations where compliance, security, and institutional protocols demand tighter controls and options, Ethical Wall for Webex meetings is there to offer unique capabilities that suit requests from different institutions that are using Webex Meetings.

Controls include

  • Control participants in near-real-time during the meeting:
    • Control participants – avoid users with conflicts joining the same meeting
    • Control activities – block operations that are not allowed

Activities control are context-aware, by blocking operations only when specific groups or users are involved in the meeting which allows for full functionality when possible and aligns with compliance by blocking some features when needed.

  • Near-real-time recording control:

SphereShield for Webex performs near-real-time audio and video analysis on recorded Webex meetings. This will validate meeting attendees using configurable compliance policies.

  • Participant validation before the meeting *Coming soon*

The system verifies the list of invitees for every scheduled meeting, in case of policy violation users will be removed from the invite and the host will be notified.

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Ethical Wall policies

To learn more visit SphereShield for Webex Meetings webpage.


SphereShield’s eDiscvoery for Webex Meetings solutions audits all meeting data and maintains a user-friendly record of content that can be stored on-prem or as Saas separately from Webex.

Data included that can be searched by:

  • Dates
  • Attendees’ name and type (Internal/External)
  • Text – Audio, Video, Keywords, Labels, Names, etc.
  • Time-frame: by recording every user that has joined/left with the time

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eDiscovery portal

To learn more visit SphereShield for Webex Meetings webpage.

Data Loss Prevention 

A real-time DLP solution is crucial to effectively manage and protect your confidential information. This solution ensures that your sensitive data is intercepted and filtered before it reaches the recipient.

SphereShield for Webex Meetings:

  • Inspects meeting content by DLP policies for audio transcript and on-screen OCR from video and screen sharing after the meeting.
  • Inspects meeting chat/files by DLP policies after the meeting 

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DLP Auditing portal

To learn more visit SphereShield for Webex Meetings webpage.

AI Virtual Assistant – AGI

Webex Assistant, a smart, interactive virtual assistant for meetings makes meetings and webinars searchable and actionable. When Webex Assistant is enabled, the host and participants can click on it or use voice commands to record the entire conversation, including the highlights and action items. A live transcript with captions can also be displayed by the assistant.

The Webex Assistant has a variety of interesting and useful characteristics, including the ability to detect up to 100 languages (the maximum number of unique languages that can be used concurrently is 5), and Speaker recognition (who said what and when).

Note that, only paid Webex plans are eligible to get Webex Assistant.

In addition to the native meeting assistant in Webex, AGAT Software has developed a virtual meeting assistant called Agi to enlarge the scope of Webex Assistant and provide automated solutions to some of the most time-consuming tasks including

  • Integration with task management systems such as Asana,, Microsoft Planner, and Trello to automatically create tasks based on the detected task name, due date, and assignee from meeting transcript using the AI engine.
  • Generation of meeting summary based on AI module.
  • Detects and Schedules follow-up meetings automatically.
  • Highlights (Agenda, Notes, Decisions, and Summary) detection from the meeting transcript.
  • Set reminders automatically and post messages in Space/Group Chat when the time is due.
  • Publish items from transcripts/highlights/tasks as messages for further discussion.

To learn more about Agi, please visit our Virtual Assistant webpage.

Check out AGI – AI Virtual Assitant in the Cisco Webex AppHub!

AI Sentiment Analysis:

Sentiment analysis allows participants to analyze meetings and chat conversations both with internal and external users to gain communication insights and improve communication by identifying positive/negative sentiments (joyfulness, happiness, neutral, surprise, anger, disgust, or sadness).


  • Improve employee experience and boost productivity.
  • Spreading positive behavior to other parts of the company.
  • Manage the negative behavior of employees.
  • Improve the remote working experience.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Use cases: 

  • Customer Success / Support Managers

Sentiment analysis is an extremely useful tool in the customer service field as it helps with detecting places that need to be improved in any customer-facing situation & prioritizes focusing on top customer service issues.

  • HR Manager

Sentiment analysis helps in facilitating the work of the HR Managers. Based on employee feedback/satisfaction Sentiment Analysis allows HR Managers to promote proactive operations.

  • Employees

Identify intercommunication between employees – use employee reports and Personal Insights to view your relationship with other employees within the organization.

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Example of Sentiment Analysis reports

To learn more visit AGAT’s Sentiment Analysis solution webpage.