SphereShield compliance recording and analysis for Microsoft Teams

Recording capabilities are required for different reasons from process improvements to compliance regulations such as Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS, , FSA and Finra.

SphereShield offers the following main features:

  • Manage and analyze recording done by users
  • Recording enforcement policy
  • Real-time audio analysis
  • Share video externally from MS Stream

SphereShield detailed capabilities for handling recordings of MS Teams

SphereShield offers a cost-effective solution that integrates with Microsoft Stream server with the following capabilities:

  • Video eDiscovery - -Search by parameters such as participants, dates, meeting title and meeting content
  • Store recordings on-prem- Often regulations prevent storing MS Teams recording in a location under MS control in MS Stream. Such companies completely disable recording for Teams. SphereShield allows storing the recordings in a location under company control, allowing the usage of recording.
  • Audio Transcript and Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis - create transcript (8 languages supported) from the meeting audio and analyze it to detect keywords, labels & topics using AI Linguistic analysis (NLP)
  • Analyze recordings to detect DLP incidents- Send meeting transcript for DLP inspection using SphereShield’s built-in engine or your existing DLP solution’s engine.
  • Enforce Conversation Recording Policies - force recording by setting policy rules based on AD groups, users, domains or external participants (any meeting with external users). Policy can also control if user will be able to record or not. Policy enforcement can for example record all meeting of finance sales group.
  • Share recorded conversations externally – One of the known limitations of recording in MS Teams is that the user is not able to share them externally. So for example if a user recorded a meeting with external users- they’re not able to send the recording even to external meeting participants. SphereShield allows creating a shared link to the video and allows admins to monitor external sharing.
  • Real-time DLP- SphereShield is able to analyze audio conversations in real-time and take action when DLP incident are detected- See video here. Action can be awareness popup notification or even ending the call. Incidents are recorded for auditing purposes.
SphereShield compliance recording and analysis for Microsoft Teams

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