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Ethical Wall for Webex

Control who can communicate with whom, using specific collaboration options. Apply policies on external or internal users and groups.

Restrict communication participants, and control or block specific options such as chat or file sharing, between different users

Granular control is offered based on groups, domains and users and applied dynamically based on the context of the communication

Specific policies can be applied to chat, teams and meetings depending on participant type (Employee, external or guest)

For Ethical Wall applications for education please visit: Webex Advanced Controls for Education

SphereShield By AGAT, The latest development when it comes to Ethical Wall for Webex

As Webex has in many ways become the main means of holding conversations and data exchange in companies, the necessity of having a way to control the flow of information and the interaction with external users has become one of the main concerns.

When it comes to having comprehensive control over communications, Webex Ethical Wall by SphereShield is the best option for those Compliance Officers who are looking for immediate solutions, because it gives the user the possibility to customize and set privacy in real time. 

Policies can be configured by an admin to prevent individuals or groups from communicating with each other. On the other hand, imagine that what you want is to restrict the contact between your employees with people outside the company. In this case and on the fly, those who are in charge of ensuring information security can totally restrict the flow of communication between members of the company and external agents.

Among the actions that can be blocked are: chat, calls, multi chats, meeting invitations, just to say a few

There are two Ethical Wall Policies:

1)External control and control Pack
2)Internal block and control Pack

The first is responsible for taking care of the image of your company and ensuring the privacy of information that is considered valuable, specifically from external agents.

SphereShield offers the possibility to block the staff communication with external companies or configure the tool, creating a policy that allows only a particular department to communicate with agents outside the company. 


For example:

If the Company wishes to allow only "investors" to communicate with external domains, then the configuration can be set so that no other department can do it.

In this way, no employee can initiate a chat, make a call or share a file, with an external agent, unless it belongs to the investor sector. If you change your mind later, and would like to restrict the investor sector too, you will only have to change the privacy policies from the configuration.

Furthermore, all incidents are recorded and can be reviewed in the Admin Portal.

This last point is also a differential advantage of using SphereShield.


2)Internal block

The internal policy, instead restricts communication between specific sectors of your company.

For example, Establish a policy to Unable communication flow between "investors" and “researchers”.

Due to this action, employees of these two departments will not be able to establish a communication between them. In this way, sending messages, making calls and sharing files will be disabled.

Policies are also enforced in a Multi participant Conversation.

For example: If an employee of the engineering sector, who does not have any internal communication restrictions, is having a conversation with an employee of the "investors" sector, the option of inviting someone to join the talk will be blocked when whom they want to invite belong to the "research" sector or any sector with some communication restriction policy.

To sum up, now Webex users have an innovative solution when it comes to implementing an Ethical Wall. So Don't hesitate contacting our experts to start experiencing the power SphereShield in your business.

Ethical Wall for Microsoft Teams

What can SphereShield Ethical Wall add to Webex capabilities


Cisco Webex


License →  



SPT2 (E.W. License)

Internal control by Groups/Users (Allow/Block)


External Control By External User (Allow/Block)


External Control by External User


External Control by Internal group/users/domain


Control Modalities (IM’s/files/audio/video/sharing)


Can be fully controlled by compliance role only


Notifications to end user/admin


Incident auditing for compliance awareness and training


Reports by user/policy/domain


External system integration/SIEM 


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