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Real-Time Control for Communication and Collaboration Services

Main Features

Card image capEthical Wall (Information Barriers)

Set flexible communication policies, block interaction between restricted users with total granularity for communication types. (chat, file sharing, screen sharing etc.)

Card image capArchive & eDiscovery

Archive your data safely in thecloud or on site and search for any communication by several parameters such as user, date, channel or text.

Card image capGovernance and Retention Policies

Control Team and Channel (Space) creation as well as file uploads. Control who can beTeam owners, who can add users and guests and who can access external tenants.

Card image capData loss Prevention

Real-Time inspection of content. Block sensitive data before it reaches the cloud and destination user. Review conversation context with eDiscovery

Card image capAI Risk Engine

Define Geolocation rules and alerts in case of suspicious behaviour such as the impossible traveller scenario.

Card image capAI Meeting Assistant

Empower your online meetings with AI. Tasks and notes are automatically detected and synced into your preferred task management system. Automatically creates Meeting summaries.

Card image capConversation AI Analysis

Detect positive or negative conversation during meetings and get deep insights about users and teams.

Card image capRecording Compliance AI Analysis

Record meetings, search them and analyze them using video and audio transcript. Apply DLP policies.

Supported Services

microsoft teams
skype for business
ring central

What can be done with SphereShield?

Redefining real-time compliance

When true compliance is needed, there is no room for compromising on near-real-time products that handle incidents shortly after happening. SphereShield uses a real-time proactive approach for inspecting and handling communications blocking (or masking) messages, files, Images, Calls, and Desktop Sharing before any incident can occur. Address regulations or internal policies that require granularly blocking communications.

Full communications inspection: Messages, Files, Audio and Video

SphereShield can analyze and store all communications including messages, files, audio & Video, and Transcripts from all communications types(Meeting, chat, Channels/Spaces) for compliance and eDiscovery needs.

Controlling data and collaboration

SphereShield offers granular ways to govern communications. Don’t conform to software defaults.
Now it’s very easy to control who can create Teams/Channels/Spaces, who can add users, who can upload files, and more.

Productivity at its highest:

SphereShield offers tools to enhance UC platforms and put rich features in the hands of its users.

Our Channel Management for Teams allows users to perform actions such as moving, archiving, merging and exporting channels as well as converting public channels to private and vice versa
Agi - the AI virtual assistant empowers online meetings using an AI engine for generating insights such as Summary, Decisions, and Tasks that are synced into task management systems such as Asana, Monday, Trello and Planner.

Security designed for collaboration

SphereShield specializes in monitoring and analyzing all collaboration content and behaviors for anomaly detection (User Entity Behavior Analytics- UEBA) as well as define geolocation policies. It can detect malware and phishing in messages and files.

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