Adaptive Security Platform

SphereShield is a security platform with capabilities related to Access Control, Compliance and Threat Protection.

SphereShield platform is based on a proprietary Web Application firewall with extendable multi-protocol filtering capabilities. The solutions can be implemented for On-Premise or for Cloud as a CASB.

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Skype for Business

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  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Data Governance and eDiscovery
  • Ethical wall policy engine


  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • MDM/EMM Device Verification
  • Account Lockout Protection

Threat Protection

  • User and Network Behavior Detection
  • Anti Malware Anti Virus
  • Intrusion Prevention and Security Auditing

Security Features For Skype For Business

Two Factor Authentication

Using device as the 2nd factor for
Easy & secure authentication.
Protect SfB & Exchange EWS

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Ethical Wall

Granular policy for all activities
(IM, File sharing, presence etc.) controlling
external (Federation) and internal traffic

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DDoS Account lockout protection

Prevent network account lockout
from DDoS attacks

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Dashboard for Search and
export Archiving DB

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Application Firewall

Sanitize, inspect and validate all
anonymous requests in the DMZ

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Protect AD Credentials

Avoid using domain password by
creating dedicated app password

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MDM Conditional Access

Verify that only managed devices
that are compliant with
security policy can connect to SfB

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Display notifications for
internal and external users

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Risk Engine

Anomaly behavior detection
Geo Location & IP verification

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Data Loss Prevention

Inspect content passing through
Skype for Business
DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policy

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Device Access Control

Manage devices connected using
device enrollment process

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Compliance and GDPR

Tools for complying with
GDPR regulations

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