Compliance with the laws governing electronic communication may require discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) in a timely and complete fashion during litigation.

Though Microsoft offers a built-in capability to archive Skype for Business data in a database, the solution it provides is not a friendly one when it comes to searching and exporting this data. SphereShield delivers a flexible, intuitive eDiscovery solution for Skype for Business archived data.

Data governance
Data governance is the ability to control your data: gaining access to it when you need it and getting rid of it when it becomes obsolete.

The eDiscovery module enables organizations to have real data governance when using Skype for Business – thanks to clever archiving abilities that allow for the tight control over data that companies need. The module displays detailed information about conversations and the messages within and has advanced search capabilities to enable data to be produced and erased on demand.

The module also allows exporting data communicated by a specific user as well as removing data of a user as per GDPR regulations.

How does SphereShield eDiscovery address compliance and GDPR requirements?

Right to access:
Any subject of data (i.e., the employee) has the right to ask for an electronic copy of all personal data stored in the archiving database.

SphereShield’s advanced search capabilities allow companies to quickly retrieve and export all data for the employee to review.

Right to be forgotten:

Any subject of data (i.e., the employee) has the right to require the company to erase any personal data which is no longer relevant

SphereShield eDiscovery can quickly remove a user’s fingerprint without deleting the content, thus detaching the conversation from that user.

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 Advance search by a variety of ·parameters including user, text, dates, session type (one on one conversation or conference)
· Covers both IM & Files (metadata)
· Export of conversation list
· Export of conversation content
· Remove user info from the database
· Graphical display of user activity