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Safe Content Inspection for Microsoft Teams

Inspect Images and videos for unsafe content. Keep inappropriate content away from Microsoft Teams.

Inspect images -and soon videos- to detect unsafe content in the following categories: adult, spoof, medical, violence, and racy

Profanity filter for detecting inappropriate language in conversations

Detect in real-time the image content matching the categories set. Take action by deleting or notifying on incidents identified 

Raise flags with messages and pop-ups alerting the incident to the parties involved and/or the admin/s

Categories Covered


Adult Content: Detects elements such as nudity, pornographic images or cartoons, or sexual activities.

Spoof: Detects if an image has been modified to make it appear funny or offensive

Racy: Detects racy content that may include revealing or transparent clothing, strategically covered nudity, lewd or provocative poses, or close-ups of sensitive body areas.

Medical: Detects medical content

⚪ Violence: Detects violent content



Security and compliance are just not enough to make sure that a business runs smoothly. There is one aspect of communications that goes barely unnoticed and still is problematic on many levels. 

Users are, on a daily basis, sending videos and images that contain adult scenes, violence, racism and other loathsome content. That triggers a problem that can have a severe personal and business impact

Microsoft Teams is not currently offering the ability to detect that kind of content.

Also, detecting unsafe content is not defined by clear rules, mostly because it’s dealing with images and videos. Therefore addressing this need requires serious machine learning involved in both detection and avoiding false positives (labeling safe content as unsafe).

Therefore, Companies deploying communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams are responsible for keeping the content safe for the users.

This necessity is universal and applies to both small and big-sized organizations alike and especially, educational institutions that deal with minors.


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