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SphereShield for Microsoft Teams is a robust solution designed to help companies deal with issues of access control, compliance, and threat protection when deploying Microsoft Teams.

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Inspect content passing through Microsoft Teams in real time. Use AGAT’s DLP engine or integrate SphereShield with a leading DLP vendor and keep all your existing policies. Block or mask any content that is defined as sensitive. Integrates with Symantec, Fidelis, Google, GTB, McAfee and ForcePoint.

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Granular policy for all activities (e.g. IM or file sharing) controlling external and internal traffic. Define policies for specific team channels, groups or base them on communication participants (external, internal or guest).

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SphereShield offers a flexible, intuitive eDiscovery solution for Microsoft Teams making searching and exporting information easy and fast. Archive your data on cloud or on site. Integrates with your existing eDiscovery solution.

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Move, Archive, Merge and Export Channels in Microsoft Teams. Control your Microsoft Teams channels, and keep your business efficient and dynamic.

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Audio and Video analysis on recorded meetings for DLP and eDiscovery needs. Transcript all recorded meetings to audio, Make meeting Searchable using eDiscovery, Inspect meeting audio and video content by DLP policies, Smart DLP incidents with link to video and transcript time.

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Real time scanning of all content before it reaches end user devices. Prevent security threats that exploit the human nature factor.

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