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Careers at AGAT Software


AGAT Software is looking for professionals who want to help us develop innovative cyber security solutions.

By working together, we will continue to build top solutions that will pave the way for the entire industry. If you are looking for an opportunity to develop the newest technologies in a creative, welcoming environment we invite you to join the SphereShield family.

SphereShield is looking for the following roles:

משרה 219 מפתח/ת  NET לתחום  אבטחת מידע וסייבר 

תיאור התפקיד:

השתלבות בפיתוח מאתגר של פתרונות אבטחת מידע, וסייבר  בענן וברשת הארגונית.

תפקיד מגוון ומשמעותי בחברה קטנה ומבוססת בצמיחה מהירה.

עבודה מרתקת ומאתגרת מול לקוחות מובילים בתחום בעולם

פיתוח בעיקר ב NET  עם אפשרות גם ל  ++C  בסביבת WINDOWS.



ניסיון בפיתוח NET  או ++C בסביבת WINDOWS

יכולת עבודה בשעות רגילות 8-17 

יכול להתאים לבוגר מצטיין של אוניברסיטה מוכרת 


יתרון :

היכרות רחבה עם מגוון תחומי סיסטם, הזדהות / WEB / HTTP / SSL / אבטחת מידע / פרוטוקולים / רשתו

מגורים בירושלים והסביבה


קורות חיים יש לשלוח ל בציון משרה 219 פיתוח  בנושא המייל



Sales and Partner Manager (Position 208)

Job Description

  • • Promote sales activities of a cyber security company.
  • • Manage and follow up on leads by email and phone.
  • • Build a partner channel network for selling our products.
  • • Creating quotes and invoices.
  • • Research for new partners and business opportunities.
  • • Manage CRM data.
  • • Present the product at a basic technical level.
  • • Meetings management - schedule, participate, summarize, follow up.
  • • Support business processes, schedule and manage calendars, attend frontal meetings.
  • • Working hours in general are 09:00 - 18:00 with some flexibility to stay later as needed.
  • • No traveling required.


  • • Fluent English - mother tongue level preference.
  • • Email writing skills: experience in business email correspondence.
  • • High level of administration skills.
  • • Office skills (Word + Excel).
  • • Technical orientation.


  • • Living in Jerusalem area.
  • • Business management education.

    Please send CV to including “208 Sales” in the subject


    Technical Services Manager - Support & System (Position 222)

    Job Description

  • • Head of Technical services managing a team of 4-5 engineers responsible for all support and system needs of the company.
  • • Both hands on and management capabilities are required.
  • • Tier 3-4 support for customers deploying and using AGAT's cyber products.
  • • Manage all technical issues raised by customers and internal stakeholders.
  • • Responsible for all system needs of the company - on-prem and cloud.
  • • Build, maintain and develop cloud SaaS environments.
  • • Monitor and manage costs of cloud services.
  • • Supporting large international enterprise customers with high security requirements.
  • • Prioritize and manage multiple issues from customers on our products and platform, simultaneously.
  • • Install, configure product at customer environment in POC.
  • • Perform technical training for customers.
  • • Post articles, tips, KB and guides of the product.
  • • Build complex lab environments with integration to other leading security products in DLP, MDM/UEM, Threat prevention.
  • • Sometimes off hours duty is required. Once a week until 21:00. No extra hours needed.
  • • Position is in Jerusalem (Hozvim hi tech park).
  • • No travel is needed.

    Required Skills:

  • • 3 years experience in technical support/system.
  • • Fluent English – speaking and writing
  • • Ability for flexible hours as required.
  • • Expereience in Windows system and networking such as VMWare, Active Directory, Firewalls, Virtual machines, AWS Azure, Certificates, DNS, SQL, DLP, MDM, Cloud, ADFS.

    Please send CV to including “222 Technical Manager” in the subject


    System Admin for Cloud AI Cyber Product (Position 223)

    AGAT is a promising cyber security startup company offering cutting edge AI solutions for collaboration service (Zoom, Webex, Teams).

    AGAT is looking for responsible for all IT needs of the company.


    Responsibilities include:

    • Manage all cloud hosting services in AWS
    • Office 365
    • Azure services
    • DB - SQL/RDS
    • Certificates
    • Backups
    • Local Office system
    • Security and remote access
    • VMWARE
    • Writing automation scripts and monitoring tools

      Required skills:

      • 3 years experience in system
      • Excellent customer services skills
      • Fluent English - spoken and written
      • Ability to work in flexible hours
      • Experienced in windows 2012, Active Directory, IIS, Certificates, Sniffers, Proxies, Firewalls, Virtual machines & networks, Domain controllers, RSA
      • Significant advantage - Code development & scripts languages
      • Significant advantage - Ability to remotely support customers worldwide installing and configuring a security product in large and complex enterprise environments
      • Advantage - living in Jerusalem area


      Please send CV to including “223 System Admin” in the subject

      Support Engineer (Position 217)


      Job Description:

      • Tier 3-4 support for customers deploying and using AGAT’s cyber products on-prem and SaaS.
      • Supporting large international enterprise customers with high-security requirements
      • Install, configure product at a customer environment in POC
      • Maintain cloud (AWS) and on-prem environments
      • Post articles, tips, KB, and guides of the product
      • System tasks related to support . Building complex lab environments with integration to other leading security products.
      • Sometimes off-hours duty is required. Once a week until 9 pm . No extra hours needed.

      The position is in Jerusalem (Hozvim hi-tech park)


      Required skills:

      • Fluent English - spoken and written
      • Experience in support or system
      • Experienced in windows System and networking such as VMWare, Active Directory , Firewalls, Virtual machines, PKI, Certificates, DNS, SQL, DLP , MDM, Cloud , AWS, ADFS
      • The ability for flexible hours as required

      Please send CV to including “217 Support engineer” in the subject


      Pre - Sales Engineer / Technical Customer Success - (Position 218)


      AGAT is looking for a Pre-Sales Engineer (PSE) / Technical Customer Success for promoting our Cybersecurity product in the global market


      Job Description

      • Responsible for technical needs in the sales process

      • Present and demo product

      • Provide Product Knowledge Support to Sales Team

      • Collaborate with product, support, marketing, and sales team

      • Ensuring our product answers customer needs.

      • Answering customer requests for information as well as proposal requests.

      • Presenting proposals to customers alongside members of sales teams.

      • Executing Demos and POCs



      • Deep knowledge of Networking and IT.

      • Fluent English – speaking, reading, and writing

      • Hands-on experience

      • Customer-facing experience

      • Experience as a presale / global customer support engineer

      The position is in Jerusalem (Hozvim hi-tech park)


      Please send CV to including “218 PSE” in the subject

    Careers at AGAT

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