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Control who can communicate with whom, using specific collaboration options. Apply policies on external or internal users and groups.


  Granular control is offered based on groups, domains and users and applied dynamically based on the context of the communication

  Policies can also be applied to flexibly control the types of communication such as direct messages, file sharing, screen sharing, audio and video

  Policies can be applied to chat, channels and/or meetings depending on participant type (employee, external or guest)



Communication interactions

Control All Communication Interactions

SphereShield Ethical Wall - Information Barriers enables you to block and control voice, files, chat, video and screen sharing. Rules can be reciprocal (both parties blocked) or one-sided.


Rule-Based Enforcement

Apply unlimited granular policies through robust policy enforcement that define permitted operations and content between communicating parties.


Complete Auditing and Reporting

Obtain complete information regarding violation attempts for training and awareness. Admins can be configured to be notified as incidents happen.

Simple and Powerful

Simple and Powerful

Rules are configured in a simple and intuitive web interface for ease of usage for compliance administrators. Rules are automatically implemented in almost no time from creation.

Teams and Scopes

Cover all Slack Scopes

SphereShield Ethical Wall - Information Barriers for Slack covers all scopes: Direct Messages, Channels & Meetings


SaaS or on-Premise installation

SphereShield Ethical Wall - Information Barriers for Slack can be used both as a SaaS where no installation is required, or installed in the customer's DMZ or Cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.)


See below typical policies implemented by the Ethical

Sharing files

Prevent HR group from sharing files with non-HR members

Desktop sharing

Block desktop sharing for a specific group


Allow only Teachers to Create new Channels in a School Tenant

Not allowed communication

Allow only specific users/groups to communicate externally

Finance communications

Block communications between finance and research group

Block file transfer

Block file transfer while communicating with a specific external domain

Real-Time Compliance To Serve Multiple Industries

SphereShield's Ethical Wall (Information Barriers) for Slack was designed as a ready-to-serve tool with the focus on granularity.

Industry-specific solutions

Financial Services and Trading

Banks, Investment funds, credit-card companies, insurance companies and accountancy firms need to comply with regulations such as FINRA, MiFID II or EMIR.

These regulations require blocking communications where there can be conflict of interests, for example, when investors talk with researchers that possess non-public information



HealthCare institutions that need to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, need to control communications that could contain sensitive patient information.

For example, restricting doctors from sending files to prevent information mishandling



Educational institutions often need to restrict communications to avoid behavior breaches and other unpleasant consequences. SphereShield can be used to create policies such as restricting a 12th grader from communicating with a 5th grader.

Additionally SphereShield Ethical Wall can create a rule that requires a coach or a teacher to be present in every communication

Law Firms

Law firms

Some Law Firms are required to prevent lawyers communicating with each other to avoid conflict of interests.

Common Problems Solved by the Ethical Wall

Block File Sharing Between Groups or External Domains

SphereShield Ethical Wall blocks file sharing across groups or external domains not allowing any loopholes in the process


Protect Users Privacy

Companies that want to restrict communication between C-Level Executives and the rest of the company can prevent them from receiving unsolicited communications

The Ethical Wall can allow those executives to send messages and files but not the other way around

Third Party

Third-Party or Outsourced Companies Restriction

SphereShield Ethical Wall can create policies to allow only one department to communicate to an external company, while blocking all other departments from doing so. Another scenario is when a company doesn’t want to allow meetings between external and internal employees.

Industry rules

Notify Participants About Policy Rules

SphereShield Ethical Wall notifies users about policy rules created using instant messages and action feedback popups.

Ensure that appropriate notifications are communicated to external and internal contacts.

Flexible and Simple Policy Creation

SphereShield Allows creating multiple Ethical Wall policies using a variety of parameters quickly and intuitively.

First, users need to define the conditions on which the policy should apply on. Conditions describe who the policy applies to, based on domains, groups and users. Groups can be fetched from your local AD or Azure AD.

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