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Threat-Protection for Slack

SphereShield's threat protection system can detect and prevent the spread of malicious viruses and phishing through messages and files, well before they reach end user devices. It includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware for files and messages, and Anti-Phishing for links contained in text messages.

  • Slack has been replacing slowly but surely traditional email communications and becoming a central player for collaboration (both internal and external) and massive file sharing.
  • Slack is an open platform that allows adding multiple external users and also permits to login from different devices, locations and networks. While this provides great flexibility, it also demands for special attention. Given that many use Slack on their personal devices connected to home networks, it’s a red flag for companies to have a proactive control on the platform.
  • SphereShield stands out from traditional solutions by analysing files and messages content on Slack before they reach the end user with the option to integrate to the engines of major vendors like Symantec, Kaspersky, Fidelis and McAfee
Threat-Protection for Slack

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