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Ethical wall

Set flexible communication policies, block interaction between restricted users with total granularity for communication types. (chat, file sharing, screen sharing etc.)


Real Time DLP

Real-Time inspection of content. Block sensitive data before it reaches the cloud and destination user. Review conversation context with eDiscovery.

Archive & eDiscovery

Archive your data safely in the cloud or on site and search for any communication by several parameters such as user, date, channel or text.


Recording AI Compliance Analysis

Record meetings, search them and analyze them using video and audio transcript. Apply DLP policies.

AI Virtual Assistant

AGI helps improve collaboration by detecting meeting and chat insights to automatically generate items such as tasks, meeting notes, summaries, and minutes.

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Channel Management

Archive, Export, Merge, and Move Channels in Microsoft Teams. Enable more efficient management of your projects in a dynamic and evolving environment.

AI Sentiment Analysis

Analyze call recordings and chat conversations both internally and externally to gain communication insights.

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