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SphereShield Real Time DLP for Webex

Prevent sensitive data being sent to the cloud or being sent to external users in real time. Gain control over what users can share.

Real time data inspection blocking secretive data before reaching the destination

Keep your organization’s delicate information secure on premise by scanning existing and new content

DLP inspection can be done by AGAT built in engine or utilizing existing DLP infrastructures of leading DLP vendors

Define policies allowing or blocking specific file type/s or blocking by file size (Eg. to make sure the files are blocked when file is above the limit size)


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Webex Meetings

  • Inspects meeting content by DLP policies for audio transcript and on-screen OCR from video and screen sharing after the meeting.
  • Inspects meeting chat/files by DLP policies after the meeting *Coming Soon*
DLP for Webex

Watch Webex Real Time DLP for Files and Messages In Action

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