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September 21, 2022
Announcing Webex Meetings New Capabilities

AGAT Software provides unique compliance and productivity solutions for Webex Meetings including Ethical Wall to control participants and activities during the meeting, eDiscovery to audit and store all meeting data, DLP to inspect meeting content by policy, and lastly, Virtual Asstsiatnt and Sentiment analysis to improve productivity and performance. Continue reading to learn more about […]

May 24, 2022
Safe Content Inspection for Webex - Prevent harassment & bullying

The necessity for Content Filters Sometimes security and compliance are just not enough to make sure that a business runs smoothly. There is one aspect of communication that goes barely unnoticed and still is problematic on many levels. The advancement of technology has enabled everyone to collaborate and share information more easily. However, it has […]

April 27, 2022
AI Sentiment Analysis of Chats & Meetings in MS Teams and Webex

Navigation: What is sentiment analysis? Why is sentiment analysis important? What is sentiment analysis used for? How does sentiment analysis work? What is sentiment analysis? The process of analyzing call recordings and chat to determine whether the underlying emotions are positive, negative, or neutral is the definition of AI sentiment analysis. In other words, sentiment […]

January 19, 2022
Webex Assistant: The go-to guide

What is the new Assistant in Cisco Webex about? What is supposed to do? How can you benefit from it?
All of these questions and more are in this blog post.

December 30, 2021
Webex Spaces: The Ultimate Guide

Webex Spaces are the bread and butter of Cisco Webex. For new users and for those more experienced we would like to share everything you need to know to make your experience more productive and at the same time, easier. Table of Contents: What are Webex Spaces? What is the difference between Spaces and Teams […]

November 29, 2021
Collaboration without compromise: Real-time data loss prevention (DLP) for Webex messages and files

Data loss is a big concern for organizations Today’s workforce is more distributed than ever. The ways that employees collaborate with each other and with customers and partners continue to increase. According to Metrigy, just 20% of companies now require employees to work within a traditional office. With the Hybrid Workplace, IT leaders responsible for […]

November 17, 2021
Our New AI Virtual Assistant is A Game-Changer for Meetings and Calls, Learn Why.

Let’s agree on something: meetings can be a big pain when not handled in the best way. Do you often lose track of the tasks and reminders that were set during the meeting? Have you ever had to bring someone up to speed about what happened in a meeting they missed? Does it take you […]

March 18, 2021
Announcing Safe Content Inspection by SphereShield

AGAT is proud to introduce our new feature named Safe Content Inspection, available now for Microsoft Teams and Webex.
Safe Content Inspection inspects images -and soon videos- to detect unsafe content in the following categories: adult, spoof, medical, violence, and racy

March 11, 2021
Announcing Webex Spaces Management

Webex Space Management works seamlessly with Webex Teams and consists on 2 main modules:

✔Space Operations
✔Retention Policy Engine

January 21, 2021
Announcing Webex Teams Advanced Controls for Education

AGAT software introduces new Ethical Wall capabilities for Webex (Teams & Meetings) oriented to educational institutions

December 9, 2020
AGAT was chosen by Webex for Transcript API

AGAT is among the first to utilize new Transcript API for Webex Meetings We were honored to be chosen amongst the first integration partners to work with Cisco Webex’s new API for obtaining meeting transcripts. We will be participating in a social live event (a webinar without compulsory registration) showing how routine communication compliance and […]

September 6, 2020
How to restrict and manage Webex Team Space creation for Governance needs - Case Study

How an important company using Webex Teams is currently benefiting from Sphereshield's Ethical Wall when restricting space creationg Ethical Walls, more necessary than thought Usually, Ethical Walls (Also known as "Chinese walls", "Ethical firewall" , "Information barriers" or "firewall regulations") are though to be usefull for a handfull of industries, specially the financial one. While […]

July 26, 2020
How To Use Webex Teams Built In eDiscovery

In this guide we are going step by step on how to use Webex Teams eDiscovery feature and show you another solution that could enhance it

May 27, 2020
Step By Step - How to configure the SphereShield Webex App

A step by step guide showing how to configure the SphereShield for Cisco Webex App 1-Login to Webex with a user that has Compliance Officer "Service access” setting: 2-Login to Webex Enter Webex Development: 3-Click on Start Building Apps button: 4-You will see a list of existing applications, create a new one by clicking Create a […]

April 20, 2020
How to get automatic meeting transcriptions for compliance regulatory usage?

Companies that rely on UC (unified communications) software for video meetings, especially in these times, are faced with the challenge of enforcing compliance policy and maintaining a record of those for legal or internal purposes.

This issue has been relatively easy to address for messages (as we have currently been doing for some time), emails, sms and any kind of written information.

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AGAT is an innovative software provider specializing in security and compliance solutions. AGAT’s award-winning flagship product - SphereShield, is a leading solution providing control of data and activities for Unified Communication (UC) & Collaboration services.
SphereShield AI RegTech capabilities analyze messages, files, audio and video for policy enforcement required by regulations such as FINRA, GDPR, HIPAA & MiFID II. It enables real-time content inspection addressing Data Leak Prevention (DLP), Ethical Wall as well as Anti Malware and eDiscovery requirements. SphereShield’s  conditional access capabilities and AI-based risk engine features add significant security improvements to on-prem or cloud UC service.



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