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Why use our assistant?

Auto detect task name, due date and assignee from meeting transcript using AI engine.

Highlights (Agenda, Notes, Decisions and Summary) detection from meeting transcript

Sync notes to your preferred CRM system

Tasks are synced into task managment systems such as Asana,, Planner and Trello

Set reminders automatically and post as messages in Space / Group Chat when the time is due

Automatic generation of meeting minutes - a document containing all meeting content, info, highlights and Action items

Generation of meeting summary based on AI module

Publish items from transcript / highlights / tasks as messages for further discussion

Build a Webex Space / Microsoft Teams Group Chat with all meeting content (Recording, Transcript, Chat, Files & Assistant Insights)

Detect and schedule follow up meetings automatically

Meeting sentiment analysis - detect positive and negative conversations with timelines

Multi language support for translating meeting transcript into dozens of languages

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How it works?

How Virtual Assistant can help your productivity

Don’t let any item fall between the cracks

Automatically extract action items by using AI Virtual Assistant and smart analysis for tasks, reminders and follow up meetings

Review and modify tasks before syncing them to your task management system


- See how Virtual Assisstant can help you with Asana.,

- See how Virtual Assisstant can help you with Monday.

Microsoft Planner,

Trello and more

Detect task title, assignee and due date

Fill in additional data fields fetched from task attributes such as priority, description and project

2-way sync to display live task status from the task management system

Create a list of reminders

Detect reminder title and due date

Manage recommended list of reminders to trigger space / group chat when the time is due

Automatically schedule follow up meetings

Allow for a better data flow from your meetings by syncing the new notes to your customer data in your preferable CRM System.

Central Meeting Collaboration Place

A space in Webex Messaging or a group chat in Microsoft Teams is automatically created with all meeting participants as members. The space / group chat includes Meeting Content, Highlights and Action Items which incorporate:

Link to meeting recording

Meeting transcript including who was the speaker and the time of utterance

Chats and files shared

List of reminders

All meeting highlights by categories: Agenda, Decisions, Notes and Summary

List of notes

List of tasks and action items

Achieve a better continuous collaboration

Allow discussions on agenda and sharing files and ideas before the meeting

Highlight anything from the meeting transcript or insights and post it into the space / group chat messages for further discussion after the meeting.

Stay focused on your meeting

Virtual Assistant will increase your productivity by gathering all the information you need from the meeting while allowing you to stay focused on the conversation.

Save time by automating meeting management process

Automatically create meeting minutes, including all meeting content, highlights and action items: Meeting information, Agenda, Summary, Decisions, Action items (tasks, reminders & scheduling meetings), Transcript, Chat & Files.

Export meeting minutes as PDF

Facilitate the process of bringing people up to speed

Virtual Assistant allows for an easier sync up process for the people who did not attend the meeting. They will be added to the messaging space / group chat and have access to the recording, transcript, summary, highlights, meeting minutes and all action items set.

Improve communication and identify risks with Meeting Sentiments

Analyse meeting transcript using AI Engine to detect sentiments behind the speech (Joyfulness, happiness, neutral, surprised, anger, disgust or sadness).

Display positive, negative and overall scores of all meetings.

Order meetings by scores.

Display sentiment timeline allowing to listen back on the sections identified as positive or negative.

Mark each post by sentiment category in the transcript.

Identify customers that need attention due to high negative sentiment.

Order users by sentiment score to strengthen users with good communications and improve negative ones.


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