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September 21, 2022
Announcing Webex Meetings New Capabilities

AGAT Software provides unique compliance and productivity solutions for Webex Meetings including Ethical Wall to control participants and activities during the meeting, eDiscovery to audit and store all meeting data, DLP to inspect meeting content by policy, and lastly, Virtual Asstsiatnt and Sentiment analysis to improve productivity and performance. Continue reading to learn more about […]

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September 13, 2022
Information Barriers: Enhance your control over employees’ communications and avoid penalties

In this article, we will talk about deploying Information Barriers for Microsoft Teams to control employees' ability to communicate with colleagues and external users. 

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August 1, 2022
FINRA Compliance Requirements

Financial institutions have to comply with FINRA regulations, in this article we review their requirements and how our tools can help.

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August 1, 2022
Are Microsoft E5 and E3 Licenses worth the money?

Is Microsoft E5 or E3 worth the money? Here is our review and the best way to save money and optimize your compliance and governance.

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June 30, 2022
The Hidden Risks of Screen Sharing

Dangers of Screen Sharing 1) Messy Desktops 2) Favorite music and private audios 3) Private Correspondence 4) Private Pictures 5) Pop ups 6) Important Documents The penalties for that could be just astronomical Recorded Screen Sharing How to avoid Screen Sharing mishaps Virtual Desktops DLP The best solution for Screen Sharing troubles: Ethical Walls Sharing screens during presentations can lead to […]

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AGAT is an innovative software provider specializing in security and compliance solutions. AGAT’s award-winning flagship product - SphereShield, is a leading solution providing control of data and activities for Unified Communication (UC) & Collaboration services.
SphereShield AI RegTech capabilities analyze messages, files, audio and video for policy enforcement required by regulations such as FINRA, GDPR, HIPAA & MiFID II. It enables real-time content inspection addressing Data Leak Prevention (DLP), Ethical Wall as well as Anti Malware and eDiscovery requirements. SphereShield’s  conditional access capabilities and AI-based risk engine features add significant security improvements to on-prem or cloud UC service.



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