Compliance Blog Week 3

Does this sound familiar? You’re using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, but employees are still freely uploading and sharing files in OneDrive and SharePoint, raising concerns about compliance and data security. You control sharing in Teams, but what about direct access to those file storage platforms? 

Introducing SphereShield, the solution for Real-time granular control over file uploads, sharing, and site membership in OneDrive and SharePoint. No more worrying about sensitive data going astray! 

SphereShield empowers you to: 

Prevent specific users or groups from uploading files: Keep confidential data secure by restricting who can upload to the cloud, regardless of the platform used. 

Fine-tune file sharing:  
Limit sharing to specific groups, ensuring department-specific information stays within its intended audience. No more accidental cross-departmental leaks! 

Control Teams and Individual Platforms: 
SphereShield covers all bases, whether files are accessed through Teams channels, chats, OneDrive, or directly in SharePoint. 

Restrict site access:  
Assign granular permissions to SharePoint sites, preventing unauthorized groups from accessing sensitive data. Finance department files stay with the finance team! 

Implement ethical walls:  
Block specific groups from sharing with one another, for example, preventing the legal department from sharing documents with the sales team. 

SphereShield is ideal for: 

  • Companies with strict compliance requirements: Ensure complete data control and meet industry regulations with ease. 
  • Organizations with sensitive data: Safeguard confidential information like financial records, HR documents, or customer data. 
  • Anyone seeking granular access control: Gain peace of mind knowing exactly who can upload, share, and access files across OneDrive and SharePoint. 

Stop data leaks and gain ultimate control over your OneDrive and SharePoint usage. Get SphereShield today and experience the power of granular security! 

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