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Are you struggling with maintaining order in Microsoft Teams and controlling who’s accessing your critical information? If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations encounter these challenges, facing potential data breaches, and communication chaos. 

Enter AGAT’s Microsoft Teams Governance Solution, a robust solution to these woes. This powerful tool allows you to wield precise control, preventing the haphazard creation of teams, managing user access with ease, and exerting command over file uploads across Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. 

Controlling Teams and Channel Creation 

The struggle with Teams often begins with the uncontrolled creation of teams and channels. With AGAT’s solution, you gain the power to specify who has the authority to create teams and channels, and who acts as team owners. This level of governance provides a structured foundation for collaboration without chaos. 

Furthermore, managing user and guest additions becomes a breeze. By setting detailed permissions, your organization can control who joins Teams internally and who accesses them as guests. This precise management significantly mitigates the risks of data breaches and ensures a secure collaboration environment. 

Blocking File Uploads for Sensitive Groups  

The unregulated uploading of files across Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint often leads to data sprawl and security concerns. AGAT’s Governance Solution offers a meticulous approach to file upload permissions. With granular control, you can manage file uploads, ensuring only authorized individuals or groups have access, thus safeguarding sensitive information. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance- control adding guests to your tenant 

Unauthorized access to other tenants and anonymous participation in external meetings are also potential pitfalls. AGAT’s solution offers robust access control, preventing unauthorized entry into external tenants and ensuring secure participation in meetings, thereby enhancing security and compliance measures. 

Enforcing Compliance Effortlessly 

Compliance is a critical aspect for many organizations. AGAT’s solution simplifies compliance by enforcing meeting recordings. This ensures that all meetings, internal or external, are recorded, fostering transparency, and meeting regulatory requirements effortlessly. 

By implementing AGAT’s Microsoft Teams Governance Solution, organizations can reclaim control, ensuring a structured, secure, and compliant digital workspace. 


In conclusion, AGAT’s Governance Solution is not merely a tool; it’s a compass to navigate the complex terrain of Microsoft Teams, with precise control over team creation, user access, file uploads, and compliance enforcement. Organizations can transform their Teams’ experience from chaotic to structured, ensuring security, compliance, and optimal collaboration. 

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