AGAT Software Launches Security Features for Webex Teams

Introduces first-to-market and unique capabilities to address data control in Webex Teams

For enterprises that promote a culture of Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) , the threat of both intentional or unintentional breach is real. The Jerusalem-based security provider has been hard at work building extra control  for external access authentication and data protection. The control included applications such as Ethical wall, Anti-Virus, Risk Engines & eDiscovery.

With security solutions for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, including its on-premises and Cloud offering, AGAT does what few in the market do. They secure already-stable business comms platforms by letting enterprises control:

  • Who has access (user/device/location) to what information
  • Who they can communicate with
  • Who they can share it with
  • Capture and audit all communication

Yoav Crombie, Co-Founder, and CEO at AGAT Software, shared with UC Today:

“A few years ago, we extended our capabilities to Microsoft Teams. Today, we are in the midst of developing solutions to cover/address the majority of the UCC market which will soon also include Zoom and Slack”

Tackling Compliance and Security Via Webex Teams

Even though Webex Teams is highly secure, there are still instances in which businesses are still at risk for a breach. This is where AGAT picks up the slack. With the help of its ‘Risk Engine,’ a heuristic and AI machine learning engine, organizations can apply security policies based on factors like IP address and country of origin and other User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities, features that are sure to shape the way we view security, for the better.

“Enterprises seek to detect anomalies such as large amounts of data downloaded or login attempts from a strange location. We enable this by extending security beyond the scope of Webex Teams, focusing on the periphery where companies are most vulnerable.”

AGAT Software is pushing the innovation envelope through features like an ‘Ethical Wall’ function, which enables policy rules implementation and enforcement set/defined by the organization so that if something passes its ethics test in real-time, blocking an action if it is deemed unethical. ‘Conditional Access,’ is an additional  feature that further ensures enterprises stay secure. Crombie said the problem starts shortly after users login to their account. He continued:

“It is important to consider if the person logging in is logs in from an authorized and compliant device that with security level set by company”

These unique features are the heart of a unique niche AGAT’s carved out for itself, filling a security void that are (in a way out of reach) of the UCC platforms. AGAT Software can also detect if a device is compliance-level and approve or deny access to users. They even offer a powerful anti-virus solution to prevent files with malware from making it inside of organizations.

Organizations need to adopt different security approaches


The handling of sensitive information can be a daunting task and fraught with challenges along the way, something I gathered AGAT hopes to change by making security & compliance smarter and simpler.

Although it is impossible to stop malicious activities, mitigating the risk of a breach is often about taking preventative measures to make hackers jobs’ more difficult. The developers at AGAT Software understand this and have a rich knowledge of the security shortcomings of UC systems. They are, therefore, a force to be reckoned with.

Locking employee accounts and password spraying attacks just became more complex – thanks to the ‘outside the box’ thinking of AGAT Software developers – recent recipients of the UC Today award for Best Security Product.

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