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SphereShield Integrates
with AudioCodes

SphereShield has integrated with SmartTAP360° to meet compliance and functionality requirements of AudioCodes customers for Microsoft Teams.

AI Audio Transcription

Transcript all communication audio. Converts speech to text in 70+ languages. Speaker enumeration: which speaker spoke which words and when.

Data Loss Prevention Validation

Search content by DLP policy violation. Alert on violations for compliance officer and user performing the action. Integrate with leading DLP Vendors

Natural Language Processing

Advanced AI insights for detection of Named entities, emotions, sentiments and more.

Ethical Wall

Compliance Participant validation. Control who can communicate with whom using specific collaboration options.

Extended eDiscovery

Make communication searchable by dates, attendees name and type, text, keywords and more.

Regulations Support

Supported Compliancy Regulations: MiFID II, HIPAA, FINRA, and more.


SmartTAP 360⁰ is AudioCodes flagship for enterprise compliance-recording, allowing companies to capture and index any customer or organizational interactions across both external and internal communication channels.

AGAT Software has joined powers with AudioCodes to integrate our Recording AI Compliance Analysis solution together with SmartTAP 360⁰.

With this integration, SphereShield can transcribe audio in the recordings, together with applying video OCR to bring:

Extended eDiscovery: Meeting Content Search

Data Loss Prevention: Detection of Sensitive Information

Ethical Wall: Compliance Participant Validation

Natural Language Processing: AI Advanced Insights

audio codes sphereshield integration

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