Mobility  Shield
Protect and secure external authentication

SkypeShield & LyncShield

CircleCol1Secure Authentication

  • Matching device and user
  • Uses App credentials instead of Active Directory credentials
  • Two Factor Authentication for Lync & EWS
  • Smart Card & RSA integration

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Prevent Account

  • Block DoS, DDoS and brute force attacks
  • Eliminates risk of Active Directory lockout
  • Cross site defense approach
  • Multi-channel protection

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Device Restriction

  • Allows only registered devices to connect to Lync (Skype for Business)
  • Limits the usage of Lync to managed devices (MDM)
  • Self-service portal and admin control tools

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Mobile PKI
Mobile smart card solutions for digital signature and strong authentication

Mobile smart card solutions


Mobile smart card authentication browser – AGBrowser

Client certificate Smart card authentication for mobile web applications

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Mobile smart card digital signature software – AGSigner

Personal smart card PDF digital signature solution for mobile devices

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