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AGAT SphereShield Achieves Certified Integration with Mcafee Dlp Prevent Through the Mcafee Security Innovation Alliance

AGAT Software announced today that it has achieved certified technical integration of SphereShield with McAfee DLP Prevent, enabling customers to deploy more robust security solutions and better protect their assets from ever-evolving cyber threats.

As a member of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, AGAT Software plays a critical role in the program’s mission to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments, bringing better value and more protection against the growing threat landscape to joint customers. Through this partnership, AGAT Software and McAfee address a rising industry need to shorten response times from security events and more easily remediate compromised systems, leading to a simplified Threat Defense Lifecycle.

“McAfee DLP Prevent is a world leading product to prevent data loss from company networks, but now can also be extended with SphereShield to prevent leakage through Skype for Business.” Said Yoav Crombie, Business Manager at AGAT Software.

Crombie further added that “Unified communication poses the risk of data reaching external users and external devices without any inspection and control. This along with new government regulations and compliance demands such as the EU GDPR, has encouraged us to pursue this partnership to bring this solution to users as fast as possible.”

With the integration of McAfee DLP Prevent, users can now extend existing McAfee capabilities to filter Skype for Business across any device including PC, iOS, Android, web-apps and even custom apps. SphereShield DLP solves this threat by capturing and decrypting traffic and sending it for inspection by the McAfee DLP Prevent server, ensuring no sensitive data is send through UC channels.

The SphereShield DLP solution has the ability to display different IM warning messages according to the incident response from McAfee DLP Prevent. Incidents are displayed in McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) and it covers external as well as internal network communications.

”By implementing products that are compatible with McAfee security solutions, our customers experience faster deployment times and reduced costs,” said D.J. Long, vice president, strategic business development at McAfee. “Security should be easy to manage, so McAfee has taken the steps needed to open up its security risk management architecture and provide customers with the tools to easily manage their multi-vendor security environments. The result is greater protection, reduced risk and increased compliance.”

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