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Israel’s Foreign Ministry deploys LyncShield’s Two Factor Authentication solution


The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has implemented LyncShield‘s innovative solution for secure mobile Lync connectivity.

LyncShield was developed by security company AGAT Software Solutions to allow workers safely use approved mobile devices outside the corporate network to connect through Microsoft Lync.

The Foreign Ministry is using LyncShield’s innovative two factor authentication to determine which devices will be granted access to the system based on a self-service registration process.

The two-factor authentication ensures that the Foreign Ministry benefits from another protection layer by adding device identification to the user name and password. It allows the ministry to control and manage the approved device and prevent uncertified devices from using the service.

In order to protect corporate passwords, LyncShield defines application authentication credentials exclusively for Lync. The Active Directory credentials are not stored on a mobile device. LyncShield also protects from DoS, DDoS and brute force attacks.

By adopting LyncShield’s unique approach, the Ministry has eliminated the usage of network credentials on workers’ mobile devices, and resolved the threat of unauthorized connection.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to decide which workers would have access to Lync through their mobile devices and to specify which smartphones would be granted such access,” said Yaniv Cohen, system administrator at the Foreign Ministry. “Our experience with LyncShield was very positive and we are currently exploring ways of using more LyncShield features.”

“LyncShield’s solution, which ensures that workers use only a predefined device, has enabled Foreign Ministry workers to benefit for the first time from the advantages of Lync when they are outside the office,” said Yoav Crombie, Business Manager of AGAT Software Solutions. “This successful project illustrates the benefits of using LyncShield for organizations that adopt a BYOD policy.”

 AGAT intends to launch soon a similar solution for Microsoft’s SharePoint and business apps for supporting all mobile devices.

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LyncShield offers safe mobile connection to Microsoft Lync servers

AGAT Software Solutions launched today LyncShield, an innovative solution that guarantees secure mobile Lync connectivity, to protect against Active Directory (AD) credentials theft, block DoS, DDoS and brute force attacks, and enforce connection to registered devices.

Connecting devices to corporate networks from non-managed external networks and public Wi-Fi networks poses critical security threats. Corporate credentials are stored on mobile devices that might be hacked or stolen. The low level of device security enables hackers using Active Directory usernames and passwords to access core business applications and view confidential data unnoticed.

LyncShield was developed specifically to mitigate this risk and to allow workers to safely use their own devices outside the corporate network.

“A growing number of enterprises and organizations encourage employees to bring their own devices and to use them to access privileged company information,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions. “LyncShield offers a new approach that completely eliminates the need to store Active Directory passwords on the device and does not require any additional client installation, making it an ideal security solution for BYOD.”

LyncShield interacts directly with client-server Lync traffic and effectively controls who connects to the network based on the device used and not only on credentials.

LyncShield offers the following features:

  • Active Directory protection – eliminates the need to use Active Directory credentials
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Blocks DoS, DDoS and brute force attacks
  • Reverses proxy Lync publishing on Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms

The solution, which can be easily installed and integrated, is available either as an add-on to Microsoft Forefront (ISA/TMG) or on a dedicated reverse proxy developed by AGAT – Bastion.

By using LyncShield the organization can determine which mobile devices will be granted access to the system.

AGAT intends to launch a similar solution for Microsoft’s SharePoint and Dynamics CRM in the first quarter of 2014.