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Real Time DLP

Prevent sensitive data being sent to the cloud or being sent to external users in real time. Gain control over what users can share.Inspect in real-time messages, file and audio.

What can Real time DLP do?

Prevent HR group from sharing files with non-HR members

Block Finance Group from uploading any files to OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams

Allow only Teachers to Create new Teams in a School Tenant

Block communications between finance and research group

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Watch Real-Time DLP in action

Analyze messages in real time

Detect and prevent the leakage of confidential data, allowing businesses to keep their sensitive information secure at all times. Discover how Real Time DLP can protect your organization today.
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Analyze audio conversations in real time

The audio transcript stream is inspected by the DLP engine during conversation. Relevant feedback is provided in real-time whenever a compliance issue is detected.

Analyze files in real time

This powerful tool allows you to stay one step ahead of potential threats, ensuring the safety and security of your company’s sensitive information.
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Block file type in real time.

Block file types in real time to protect your business from potential threats. With this tool, you can rest assured that no unwanted files will enter your network and you can ensure the security of your most valuable information.

Compare Microsoft and AGAT DLP capabilities

Sensitive data blocked from reaching destination user

Sensitive data blocked from MS Cloud

Real-Time Audio Inspection

Inspect traffic if the internal user is a guest in an external tenant

Inspect traffic if the internal user joins a meeting hosted by externals

MS Stream recording inspection

Inspect traffic sent to external users (who are not Teams only mode)/ guest users/meetings hosted by externals

Inspects files for custom rules

Can be controlled by DLP Admin only

Integration with existing Vendors


Office 365

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