LyncShield, an innovative solution that guarantees secure mobile authentication, has widened its offerings by adding new security features to protect the users of external devices who wish to use Microsoft Lync from outside the organization.
LyncShield enables users to safely connect to Lync servers from smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and any other external device outside the organization. The advanced security solution prevents unauthorized devices from penetrating the corporate network and protects the Active Directory (AD).
“Following the introduction of our solutions for secure mobile Lync connectivity, customers asked us to develop a similar solution for external devices,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed LyncShield. “LyncShield is an ideal security suit for any organization looking to allow its workers to connect to its Lync client, regardless of where they are and which device they are using.”
LyncShield, which was originally developed to support mobile devices, is now ready to solve the special enterprise security needs of organizations that use fat client (thick client) for desktops and laptops, Eldan added.
LyncShield offers the following security features:
• Active Directory credentials protection – defining dedicated credentials that are different from the Active Directory credentials to minimize damage and risk in case of a stolen or lost device, or if the credentials are hacked.

• Two-factor authentication – by matching the device and user, the organization can limit users to using only corporate devices or specific devices that meet the company’s security requirements.

• Account lockout protection (DDoS protection) – preventing account lockout for organizations that wish to safely connect computers from outside the corporate network to their Lync edge access control server.

• Reverse proxy Lync publishing – scalable, event-driven and secure reverse proxy alternative for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) to publish Lync.
The latest release of LyncShield offers an identical security solution for both mobile and external devices in terms of functionality and user experience, allowing hydride deployment to be securely deployed.


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