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SphereShield for

MS Teams

SphereShield is a robust solution designed to help companies address requirements of security and compliance for Microsoft Teams.

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SphereShield addresses
these challenges: 

  • Compliance and Regulatory concerns
  • Unrestricted Communication between users
  • Lack of communication control
  • Unanalyzed Content being shared
  • Fragmented data sources
  • Inefficient meetings


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Inline Real-time Data Loss Protection (DLP) 

Block all sensitive data in-line before it reaches its destination. Using real-time active inspection of content such as messages, files and audio. 

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Ethical Wall

Block and control user communication/ activities by setting granular communication policies based on groups, users, domains, conversation type, scope and more. 

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Extended eDiscovery

Archiving data on cloud or on site. Easy to search, view and export any communication by parameters such as user, time, space, and text. 

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and Retention  

Apply policies controlling space creation, moderation and retention. Manage all company spaces. 

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Control your Microsoft Teams Channels with the ability to move, archive and export Channel content.

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Recording AI Compliance Analysis

Audio and Video analysis of recorded meetings for DLP and eDiscovery needs. Make meeting searchable using eDiscovery.

SphereShield for Teams

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