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Risk Engine for Skype-for-Business

SphereShield’s Risk Engine module employs a set of tools designed to provide significant assurance as to the legitimacy of traffic entering the network. The Risk Engine preforms security assessments based on data such as geo-location and profiling of user behavior.

The Risk Engine plays a key role in governing access to a network, helping ensure accountability in business communication.


Performing risk assessment of online activities and rendering intelligent decisions based on that knowledge, are essential in securing a corporate network. The ability to determine which transactions to allow through, which ones to monitor, and which ones to deny, is crucial in protecting against fraudulent communication attempts.

Risk Engine takes action to monitor, alert as atypical or suspicious, and—where necessary—block network traffic when a high likelihood of exposure risk, fraudulent activity,or intrusive intent have been detected. Deploying the Risk Engine reduces exposure, protects privacy, detects impersonation, lowers occurrence of unwarranted access, and identifies trends in fraudulent activities as they occur.

Risk Engine for Skype-for-Business

Solution & Technology

The Risk Engine is a key module residing within the SphereShield product suite. The Risk Engine is fully integrated with SphereShield’s other principal functions, including access control, compliance, and threat protection capabilities. The Risk Engine employs:

  • Rich Data analysis – applying advanced analytics to assess fraud patterns
  • Machine learning – combining self-learning, feedback loops, scoring algorithms, and statistics
  • Behavioral analysis - determining if attempted activities are typical for a particular user of the network, if they’re atypical, or even impossible

Prevent Sensitive Data From Being Uploaded To The Cloud

Utilizing cloud platforms while making sure all sensitive data is not leaving the network may pose as a challenge for companies that have DLP concerns. SphereShield lets you keep your organization’s delicate information secure on premise.

Vision and Future

SphereShield is working on extending its user profiling capabilities to include parameters such as:

  • Users' communication participants
  • Duration of use
  • Type of activities, such as file transfer and desktop sharing
  • Client types, for instance mobile phones and PCs
  • Extending Risk Engine’s network profiling and anomaly discovery capabilities by detecting large data capacities being transferred across a network.

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