Announcement Roadmap

Ending 2020 with Great News

When looking back at 2020, we can all agree that this will be a year we’ll never forget.
As a company, we also went through many challenges just like everyone else on the planet. Our offices had to remain closed for a good chunk of time, forcing our teams to remain active while working remotely, with constant server monitoring and not missing any task for client support.
We are glad that our employees are safe and our products haven’t been affected by this year’s crisis.

We want to share some very exciting news and our 2021 roadmap.

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AudioCodes Integration

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One of our latest integrations for recording compliance was with AudioCodes.
SmartTAP 360⁰ is AudioCodes’ flagship for enterprise compliance-recording, allowing companies to capture and index any customer or organizational interactions across both external and internal communication channels.AGAT Software has joined forces with AudioCodes to integrate our Recording AI Compliance Analysis solution together with applying video OCR to bring:

✔ Extended eDiscovery: Meeting Content Search

✔ Data Loss Prevention: Detection of Sensitive Information

✔ Ethical Wall: Compliance Participant Validation

✔ Natural Language Processing: AI Advanced Insights

✔ Files and message content search (soon)

More info here:

2021 Road Map

These are some of the many new products and features that we’ll be launching throughout 2021.

🔵Governance / Ethical Wall for Webex and MS Teams

  • Control who can add a user to conversation (Webex Space / MS Teams meeting)
  • Control who can create a WebEx Team/ MS Teams Team
  • Control who can create MS Teams Channel or Webex Space
  • Who can join a Webex Space / MS Teams meeting / MS Teams Group chat / MS Teams Team/ SharePoint site / Webex Meeting
  • Smart Webex Space retention policies based on groups or classifications
  • Webex Spaces reporting by members, groups, external domains
  • Add users to conversation only if some others are in the conversation
  • Auto assign moderator role for group in Webex Spaces

🔵AI anomaly detection for security requirements 
Instead of writing dozens of rules for security, we are launching an AI platform that detects anomalies in behavior to tackle them quickly and efficiently.

🔵AI engine for detecting bullying & abusive language
Detect and handle conversations identified as, bullying, sexual harassment or swearing

🔵AI engine for business compliance issues
Automatically detect conversations or people involved with matters that have business compliance conflicts.

🔵Real-time audio Data Loss Prevention for Zoom 
Inspecting Zoom Audio stream in real-time to detect DLP issues 

🔵SphereShield for Google Meet and RingCentral 
With this release we will be able to cover the vast majority of the Unified Communications market.

Best Wishes

Wishing you happy and healthy holidays, may we see happiness and growth and let’s make an unbelievable 2021 together
Happy holidays from all of the AGAT Software Team

Yoav Crombie – AGAT Software