Bastion aritecture


  • Bastion Reverse proxy server
  • Available on Windows and Linux
  • Fully compatible with SkypeShield product suite
  • High scalability and throughput
  • Filters any HTTP-based protocol
  • Easily deployed with any secure gateway/firewall

SkypeShield is available as an add on (filter) for the Microsoft Forefront (TMG/ ISA) reverse proxy. For organizations that use other reverse proxies, AGAT Software has developed a dedicated reverse proxy, Bastion, that handles most of its security products, including SkypeShield. This allows organizations to deploy secure Skype for Business (Lync) connectivity without Microsoft Forefront.

Bastion supports session/SSL termination/offloading, and End-to-End encryption. Bastion also can run on both Windows and Linux platforms.

SkypeShield’s Bastion is a lightweight, extensible and highly scalable reverse proxy server solution, focused on content filtering for HTTP(S) traffic. The Bastion is specifically designed to enable organizations that refrain from using Microsoft Forefront gateways to benefit from the SkypeShield product suite.

Bastion forwards traffic to configured backend servers (e.g. Skype for Business or an internal website). However, by employing a pluggable filtering architecture, it can be easily extended to support any kind of filtering through filter modules.

Scalable Event-Driven Architecture

Bastion is designed as an event-driven server using asynchronous I/O which uses multi-threading to respond to requests. This significantly reduces the overhead compared to thread-driven synchronous I/O architectures.

Accordingly, the event-driven architecture greatly enhances scalability, allowing Bastion to handle a higher number of concurrent TCP connections compared to process- or thread-driven reverse proxy servers.

Bastion can operate on both HTTP requests and responses. Requests and responses can be blocked, modified or left as is (if no filtering is required). Since Bastion offers maximum HTTP protocol compatibility (beyond the common web usage subset), it can be used to filter almost any HTTP-based protocol, such as Skype for Business traffic.

Forefront Integration

SkypeShield serves as a filter for Microsoft Forefront and can be used by organizations that use other firewalls such as F5 Forefront.