AGAT Software Is Extending SphereShield to Assure Security and Compliance for Microsoft Teams

AGAT Software released SphereShield for Microsoft Teams, a solution that addresses security and compliance threats faced by users of the platform. The new solution extends AGAT’s existing product suite, which secures Skype for Business.
SphereShield is offered as SaaS with minimal setup effort, or as an on-premise installation on the customer’s DMZ or cloud servers (such as Amazon or Azure).
Microsoft offers a number of static, user-based policies over messages and meetings which fail to meet common compliance needs that require dynamic content policies based on group and participant type (e.g., federated, guest and internal).
SphereShield’s key features can be implemented with basic Microsoft licenses and include the following:
A granular Ethical Wall engine that applies dynamic, context-based policies depending on domains, groups or users. Policies can be applied to chat, teams and meetings.
Real-time, outbound-only, or full DLP inspection that integrates with leading vendors such as McAfee, Symantec and Forcepoint.

An eDiscovery module that can be implemented on-site or be integrated with leading eDiscovery vendors.
A Risk Engine to monitor all login attempts, showing them on a live map with geo-fencing rules based on domains, group or users.

An antivirus module to inspect files in real time, which can be integrated with leading antivirus vendors such as Kaspersky, Symantec and McAfee.