AGAT Software Announces the launch of AGI AI Virtual Assistant for

Jerusalem, Israel, JANUARY 10, 2023. AGAT, a market-leader in Compliance and Productivity solutions for Unified Communications Services (UC), announces the arrival of  AGI, virtual assistant support for 

AGI is a virtual assistant powered by AI that helps users improve productivity during Zoom, MS Teams, and Webex online meetings. AGI automatically generates tasks based on meeting and chat conversations, making sure no task gets missed.

AGI allows users to automate their meeting management processes and make their teams more efficient. 

With AGI’s capabilities , users easily have their tasks automatically detected and created from meeting and chat conversations, that includes details such as task title, description, due date and assignee. 

AGI is also able to automatically detect meeting summaries, agendas and generate meeting minutes all at the click of a button, which helps users save time by not having to manually produce these items.  

In addition, AGI also comes with a robust Sentiment Analysis engine that detects positive and  negative emotions to provide an overall score and in-depth comparison reports. Sentiment Analysis reports can assist in managing employee behavior and and improving external facing communication such as support and sales conversations.

“We are thrilled to join as a Marketplace Partner,” said AGAT’s CEO Yoav Crombie. “We believe that AGI- powered AI automation can make teams more efficient and help them focus on the tasks that matter most. 

All insights are accessible through the dashboard that displays a list of meetings & chats and the action items that have been detected for users to review.

AGI is available as a free trial  in the marketplace. Customers can easily add the AGI App to their account and make online communication more effective and be confident that no task goes astray.

About AGAT Software

AGAT is an innovative software provider specializing in compliance, and productivity solutions for Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) services such as MS Teams, Webex, Skype, Zoom and Slack. Amongst AGAT’s main capabilities are Ethical wall, Real-time DLP, eDiscovery,  Governance and Virtual Assistant.

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Media contact: Janine Hulley , Marketing Manager, AGAT Software