AGAT’s mobile PKI suite offers mobile browser and digital signature mobile apps, which integrate with Bluetooth card readers, enabling mobile connectivity with PKI smart cards, such as the Israeli eID smart identity card are supported.

Our AGBrowser allows users to authenticate to websites, which require smart card authentication. A Bluetooth reader connects smart cards to the device. The deployment is immediate as no changes are required to the site or authentication infrastructure.

AGSigner extends the usage of smart cards for mobile users by allowing them to digitally sign directly from their mobile device. Their smart card is leveraged to provide a cryptographically secure signature. AGSigner supports signing PDF files downloaded to a device, opened from a web service such as Google drive or received by email.

Our PKI suite also offers a server side engine for converting web content on the fly to PDF and pushing it directly to AGSigner, for a seamless user experience. It can be used to provide a PDF copy of a web form, digitally signed by the end-user as part of an approval workflow


AGSigner is a mobile app for performing digital signature operations on PDF files using smart cards.
AGSigner can be used for signing local or online PDF files, or signing Web pages and forms browsed from the native standard mobile browser.
AGSigner offers an excellent solution for enabling digital signatures on Web content, such as forms and transaction approvals

AGsinger usage scenario


1. Sign web page

The user fills out a form in a regular mobile browser, e.g. Safari. At this stage, the AGSigner server converts the web content into a PDF and pushes it to the AGSigner mobile app for the user’s review. After the content is reviewed, the user can sign the PDF and save or share the signed file.


2. Sign a PDF from web

The user can open files from a Web URL or from a Web service such as
Google Drive.appIcon

3.Sign  a local PDF 

The user can use AGSinger to open and sign PDF files received by mail, from a local folder


AGBrowser is a secure mobile browser supporting smart card login, Two Factor Authentication and device registration.

AGBrowser was developed together with Feitian using Feitian OEM browser (iSecMo) bR301, the most popular reader, can connect to the device using Bluetooth. The browser allows smart card log in by inserting the card into the reader that is connected to the mobile device through Bluetooth.

By using AGAT’s bastion proxy, it is possible to limit the usage to registered devices only (with or without the reader). This feature offers mobile Two Factor Authentication meeting the requirements for authenticating the corporate application from the browser. This unique feature further restricts the usage to registered devices only.


Smart Card Reader

bR301 reader Main features:

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Device
  • Compliant with PC/SC, CCID Standards
  • Support ISO-7816-1/2/3 T=0 and T=1 Protocol
  • Support ISO-7816 Class A,B and C Cards
  • Certified EMV Level 1
  • Certified Sesame Vitale France with Smart Vitale Application
  • Provide third party development library
  • MFI specification
  • Support auto-PPS
  • Support iOS/Android/Linux/Mac OS X/Windows
  • Integrated in e-ID for Belgian B2B and B2C
  • Android Integrated by Gemalto
  • Several projects pending in France EU
  • Russia/Aladdin R.D(provide solution to Enterprise application )/via smart card PKI applet for authentication.