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Empowering meetings in teams and webex
with ai task detection

AGAT AI Virtual Assistant has integrated with to automatically create and sync tasks from meetings.

Don't Let Any Item Fall Between the Cracks

AGAT Meeting AI Assistant automatically extracts action items from voice transcript of Webex and Teams and creates relevant tasks for

Less Manual Operations, More Time for Business

Meetings usually require to spend time on tedious manual tasks like writting down assignments. Avoid wasted time.

Continuous Collaboration

Post tasks for discussion in Teams and Webex chat with link to the relevant recording point.

All In One Place

Task Creation for happens entirely inside of Microsoft Teams/Webex. No need for other logins.

AI to Your Service

AGAT AI Virtual Assistant uses the most advanced algorithms to uderstand human language and interpret when a task needs to be created.

alt even better

Use the power of with automated task creation.

Background is a global leader in task management software. Their unique Work OS allows to easily build, run and scale workflows inside of their platform.

AGAT AI Virtual Assistant for meetings is proud to feature integrations directly into By automatically recognizing tasks, users can achieve better focus on meetings without the need for tedious manual tasks

Some Advantages

Capture All Tasks: of the meeting. Users can decide to dismiss if necessary

Add More Details: Fill in additional data fields such as priority, description, and project to enrich tasks

Native Integration: Everything happens inside of Microsoft Teams/Webex. board will be automatically updated

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