SphereShield integrates with MobileIron

Integrate SphereShield with MobileIron to verify that only managed devices can access Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.


Conditional Access

Prevent non-managed and non-compliant devices from accessing your company's UC services

Multi-Factor Authentication

Based on MobileIron Identity

Device security scan

Block insecure and non-compliant devices

Block dangerous devices

Block access from jail broken or rooted devices

Optional no password SSO

Remote wipe-off

Remotely wipe-off application and data from devices


Companies who have invested in MobileIron EMM face challenges when deploying Unified Communication (UC) and Collaboration platforms such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. These apps can be freely obtained and installed on any personal device, outside of MobileIron’s control. This can open a back door traffic channel into the company’s network. Accessing the UC platform from an unmanaged device, that might be Jail-broken or hacked can result in domain credentials theft and malicious traffic entering the network.

MobilrIron SphereShield

SphereShield’s MDM conditional access solution verifies that only devices that are aligned with the company’s security policy, as defined by MobileIron, can access the corporate network through Skype for Business. If a device becomes non-compliant, all Skype for Business sessions are terminated automatically and access is immediately blocked. Deployment can be done with or without an app depending on the usage and requirements.

SphereShield is compatible with MobileIron Cloud and MobileIron Core.

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