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SphereShield integrates with Fidelis Cybersecurity

Extend Fidelis Cybersecurity DLP policies to cover Unified Communication and Collaboration platforms such as Skype for Business,Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams/Meetings, Slack and Zoom . SphereShield is a certified Fidelis Cybersecurity integration as part of the Fidelis Technology Partner Program.

SphereShield can be implemented as inline real-time inspection or near real-time data at rest using API
Leverage existing Fidelis DLP infrastructure and policies
SphereShield covers all client types including iOS, Android, PC, Mac and web
Incidents are displayed in Fidelis DLP Manager along with content and users are notified by IM
Inspect all traffic or only outbound traffic from the organization and apply different policies based on user type (internal, external or guest)
For MS Teams, Slack, Zoom and Webex, SphereShield monitors chat, meetings or selected teams and channels and inspects files


Companies who have invested in Fidelis DLP as a best in class Data Loss Prevention solution, are protecting sensitive data, preventing any data leakage and meeting their regulations. However, most neglect to protect the data going through Unified Communication channels, such as Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, Slack and Zoom. As usage of Unified Communication platform extends outside the network boundaries, communication with external parties via federation meetings occurs. This poses serious security and compliance risks due to the ease of communication between parties.

SphereShield’s DLP filter solution leverages Fidelis Cybersecurity existing capabilities, sending all communications passing through the server for inspection by the DLP engine.

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