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People AI Insights for HR Managers

Make decisions based on your employee’s authentic feelings using Sentiment Analysis.
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Understand employee feelings using AI Sentiment Analysis and gain insights that help HR Managers identify areas of improvement, manage behavior, make better decisions and retain top performing employees.

Features and Benefits of AI Sentiment Analysis

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Analyse how employees genuinely feel

  • View employee Sentiments Score from online meetings and chat conversations of both internal and external.
  • View most negative/positive employees.
  • View most negative and positive meetings and chats of an employee.
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Alerts on conversation sentiment and topic trends

  • Use insights and trends to make educated strategic decisions and handle organizational challenges.
  • Get visibility on the trending topics discussed and how employees feel about them.
  • Take proactive approaches to identify and handle issues before they become a problem.
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Retain top-performing employees and growth planning

  • Identify problems that negatively impact employees by recognizing unhappy and unmotivated employees.
  • Measure satisfaction and improve engagement.
  • Get insights on employee internal and external behavior for performance review and workforce planning.
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Improve workplace performance

  • Identify productivity issues and opportunities for improvement. 
  • Evaluate relationships between employees that allow development programs that promote a positive culture.
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Measure the performance of business units

  • Get a comprehensive and objective view of how employees engaging with external parties are performing.
  • Compare teams by departments,countries, roles. 
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Improve recruitment and interview processes

  • Evaluate potential hires through online interviews for additional insights and get automatically generated summaries of each candidate using AGI -AI Virtual Assistant.
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How does
Sentiment Analysis work?

AI sentiment analysis works by using Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Machine Learning to recognize and analyze conversations in meetings and chats to predict the sentiment behind the spoken and text words, then automatically classify them as negative, positive, or neutral.  Sentiment analysis can produce overall organization and individual employees’ scorecards and lists of trending topics and keywords.

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Supported Services

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