Take Webex to the next level with AGI – AI Virtual Assistant

Transform online meetings and chat conversations into productive outcomes where no details are left behind.

Taking Webex Assistant to the next level- Make tasks more available and actionable 

More than just automatic task creation, AGI also puts the control in your hands.

  • Choose to have your tasks insights available in an existing space or create a new space.
  • Insights from space meeting are automatically added as a tab to the meeting space 
  • Integrate with monday.com, asana or  Planner
  • No dedicated task management system, no problem, AGI can function on Microsoft outlook to do list.

What does AGI do?

Automatic task detection

AGI creates tasks on the go, using AI to detect tasks from meeting and chat conversations. There is no need to speak to an assistant or manually capture the task.

Tasks Management Integration

AGI Integrates into Asana, Monday.com, Planner or a simple to-do list, which allows users to manage tasks directly in the task management system.

Generate Summaries

Generate long or short summaries to get a quick overview of meetings.

Generate Meeting Minutes Documents

Based on your own custom template, create meeting minutes including all attendees and tasks.

Meeting Management

Get a list of all topics and keywords used and their opinion on them in the conversation. Search meetings and chat by these values. Use them for a quick catchup of the meeting.

Analyse meeting sentiments

With a wide range of reports to identify meeting challenges, trending topics and users’ issues such as unsatisfied or unhappy staff.

Topics and Keywords Library

Get a list of all topics and keywords used and their opinion on them in the conversation. Search meetings and chat by these values. Use them for a quick catchup of the meeting.

Voice and Text Control

Choose which meetings AGI should attend and analyse by simply inviting her to the meeting or sending a message to stop analysing chats.

Choose to review or trust AGI to create tasks

Set confidence levels to automatically create tasks with no need to review or approve

Supports Any Language

AGI supports virtually any language for AI detection.

How Does AGI Work?

Users can choose to interact with AGI using the insights dashboard with the list of all of the users’ meetings and chat insights or through the in-meeting app that is used to display tasks detected in real-time during the meeting.

  1. AGI - Virtual Assistant Dashboard
    Full view of detected tasks, summaries, minutes from all meetings
  2. In-meeting app
    Displays tasks detected in real-time as the meeting happens.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does AGI work?

AGI works during and after the meeting to ensure no wasted efforts and help organize your meeting content. Here is how it works:

During the meeting:
AGI can detect meeting insights like tasks, notes, decisions, agenda, and summary. You can use the trigger words to ask AGI to do things with just your voice like “AGI, write a decision." AGI can also identify tasks without specifically saying the trigger words by using the Assistant AI Insights Engine.

After the meeting:
To achieve better continuous collaboration, instead of sharing meeting highlights with participants via email, AGI allows you to continue your collaboration using Webex, Teams or Zoom. Thus, creating a central meeting collaboration place which everyone can use as a reference.

What Highlights does AGI capture?

  • Info
  • Agenda
  • Summary (It also includes an AI summary)
  • Notes
  • Decisions
  • Action Items (Integrated into a task management system of your choice - monday.com, Asana, and Microsoft Planner)
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Sentiment Analysis

With AGI you will see the recording, transcripts, and participants all in one place!

What platforms does AGI work with?

AGI natively integrates with Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and Google Meet

How do I Activate AGI?

To Activate AGI for your meeting all you need to do is start recording the meeting and make sure that the transcript is active. You can configure the system that only when adding AGI to the meeting - that meeting will be analysed

AGI has two modes to detect tasks during your meetings and chats:

  • Explicit Mode – Talk directly to AGI, using her name as the trigger. For example, you create a task by saying “AGI please create a task for…”
  • Implicit Mode – Have your meeting as usual and let AGI work in the background, she will automatically detect trigger words such as “prepare”, “can you” “do”

Can I try AGI before buying?

Yes, you can experience the full benefits of AGI in action before making a full commitment. Get your free trial now.

Start experiencing the power of AGI on monday.com.