Increase your productivity with
AGI-AI Meeting Assistant

AGI automatically detects tasks and insights, such as summaries, notes, and decisions from your meeting and chat conversations, and creates them as items in the relevant board.

All the user’s insights are also available in a dashboard widget and in the UC app such as Teams or Zoom.

During meetings, AGI is available as an in-meeting app showing the user in real-time tasks detected

AGI is available on:


MS Teams

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Google meet (soon)

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Automatic task detection

AGI creates tasks on the go, using AI to detect tasks from meeting and chat conversations. There is no need to speak to an assistant or manually capture the task.

Identify All Task Details

Details such as task name, due date and assignee are automatically detected from meeting transcript and chat conversation using the AI engine.

Concentrate more on the conversation!

Auto-generated Summaries

AGI generates meeting summaries, both, brief-to-the-point summaries and more in-depth ones. These summaries are ideal for sharing with meeting participants or just to get a quick overview of the meeting.
Productivity when you need it.

Meeting Minutes Documents

Based on your own custom template, AGI will create meeting minutes including all attendees and tasks, which can be exported as a PDF
Less Manual Operations, More Time for Business

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is one of AGI`s strongest features. It gives you an overall score on how the meeting went and a percentage, how positive or negative the communication was. Use sentiment Analysis to identify trending topics, challenges, and user issues such as unsatisfied or unhappy staff.
More than just task detection

Continuous Collaboration

Post tasks for discussion in Teams and Webex chat with a link to the relevant recording point.

All In One Place

Task Creation happens entirely inside as well as your preferred meeting platform, Microsoft Teams/Webex.
No need for other logins.

Choose to review or trust AGI to create tasks

Set confidence levels to automatically create tasks with no need to review or approve

Supports Any Language

AGI supports virtually any language for AI detection.

How Does AGI work?​

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