Channel Management

Archive, Export, Merge and Move Channels in Microsoft Teams

Enable more efficient management of your projects
in a dynamic and evolving environment.



Move Channels

Including posts, files, tabs and wiki can be moved from one Team to another. The corresponding files will be moved in SharePoint.

Archive Channels

Including posts, files, tabs and wiki can be moved into a Team for Archiving. When this Team reaches its 200 channel limit, a new Team for Archiving will be created

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Export Channels

Content to PDF. Information in a handy way

Merge Channels

Avoid cluttering and get organized

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Copy Channels

Start where you left off without losing information


What people say

MS Teams Channel by Agat software helped immensely to create an ordered production environment from an organically grown Teams implementation. Being able to move and reorganize our Teams and Channels, meant we could start to use MS Teams in an organized manner. Thank you to the team at Agat Software.”

Ben Scott, Isthmus Group ltd


One of the main problems that Teams’ users face is adapting their channels to the evolving environment. As companies change and projects are finished or sidelined, users face a cluttered Teams structure with excess inactive channels affecting productivity.

SphereShield addresses the top user needs marked as backlog, as communicated by current Teams users, on the Microsoft Tech Community forum.

Licence and Pricing

Pricing for the Channel Management solution depends on the number of licensed MS Team users you have in the organization. Please fill out the contact us form below to immediately get a quote and trial details.


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