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How to restrict and manage Webex Team Space creation for Governance needs – Case Study

How an important company using Webex Teams is currently benefiting from Sphereshield’s Ethical Wall when restricting space creationg Ethical Walls, more necessary than thought Usually, Ethical Walls (Also known as “Chinese walls”, “Ethical firewall” , “Information barriers” or “firewall regulations”) are though to be usefull for a handfull of industries, specially the financial one. While […]

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Case Study: How to mitigate insider risk while allowing 3rd party employees into Teams enviroment.

This case study reflects how SphereShield for Microsoft Teams helps a leading Australian company with over 7,000 employees mitigate insider threats while allowing their workers into their Teams enviroment The Challenge: Limit a contractor’s ability to share sensitive information Insider risk is a very serious concern for any company (see more). Even minor negligence acts […]

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Information Barriers for Microsoft Teams: capabilities and limitations

In this article we are going to explain what is Information Barriers for Microsoft Teams as well as comment about its advantages and disadvantages for different businesses types. Update: for more info on Information Barriers for SharePoint and OneDrive, go to our new blog post here Table of contents 1- What is Information Barriers for […]

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Microsoft Teams: capabilities and limitations

Microsoft has been offering for a good time DLP services for their Teams Unified Communications Software and since then it has had different feedback from its users.
While many users praise their near-real-time handling of messages, others are quite unfulfilled with the DLP capabilities of files
The main point has been described as long delays to handle those files, which could allow the end users to download and see before anything occurs. The second point is that custom rules, ie. those specifically designed by users, do not apply to files and can result in lack of coverage.
As for now, Microsoft has been improving the handling of DLP policies for messages, while it has been said that they will release the ability to block files from arriving to the end user, turning the platform into non-real-time.

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Step By Step – How to configure the SphereShield Webex App

A step by step guide showing how to configure the SphereShield for Cisco Webex App 1-Login to Webex with a user that has Compliance Officer “Service access” setting: 2-Login to Webex Enter Webex Development: 3-Click on Start Building Apps button: 4-You will see a list of existing applications, create a new one by clicking Create a […]

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How to get automatic meeting transcriptions for compliance regulatory usage?

Companies that rely on UC (unified communications) software for video meetings, especially in these times, are faced with the challenge of enforcing compliance policy and maintaining a record of those for legal or internal purposes.

This issue has been relatively easy to address for messages (as we have currently been doing for some time), emails, sms and any kind of written information.

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