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New data leakage prevention solution for Skype for Business

AGAT Software team

SkypeShield has launched a new data leakage prevention (DLP) solution for organizations using Skype for Business.

Companies invest significant effort and resources in DLP systems covering the main content channels such as email and Web services. At the same time, however, most of them fail to cover data going through unified communication (UC) channels such as Skype for Business.

Preventing data leaks from going through Skype for Business is a challenging undertaking because of the variety of mobile, web and desktop clients that Skype for Business services, and because of the SIP protocol in use by the clients.

SkypeShield’s new DLP solution is based on a content inspection module with an adapter that is able to send the content via ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) to a DLP provider. The adapter can be configured to work with DLP commercial vendors such as Symantec DLP or Websense Triton or any standard DLP vendor that supports ICAP.

In addition, SkypeShield offers a built-in DLP engine for customers that do not have an existing DLP commercial solution in place.

The DLP module modifies messages according to an incident response from the DLP provider. This includes blocking the content, masking sensitive sections, sending an Instant messaging (IM) warning notification to the sender, or just monitoring and alerting.