Company Overview

AGAT Software is an innovative security provider specializing in external access authentication and data protection solutions.

Our enterprise solutions offer advanced multi factor authentication methods to best fit the organization needs.

The company’s core product suite is based on a reverse proxy application with capabilities of handling external access security threats. It offers features such as account lock protection (DDoS), active directory password protection, device access control, two factor authentication (TFA), DLP capabilities, anti-virus integration and authentication risk engine based on user behavior and device profiling

Based on these features, AGAT has developed SkypeShield to secure Skype for Business (Lync) connectivity. SkypeShield addresses specific unified communication (UC) requirements, including: content filtering capabilities of SIP/HTTPS and access control.

AGAT also offers mobile browser and digital signature mobile apps that integrate with Bluetooth card reader enabling mobile connectivity with PKI smart cards such as the Israeli eID card.

AGAT‘s clients base consists of government offices, banks, insurance companies and large industrial global corporations (including Fortune 500 companies).