blue-lineAuthentication and Data

AGAT has developed a SphereShield product suite addressing Access control and content security requirements.

The SphereShield offers solutions based on the following capabilities:

Account lockout (DDoS) protection – Protect externally published
AD authentication services.

Multi Factor Authentication – Authentication based on device info
or authentication app. RSA integration supported.

Device access control – Self-service web portal for device registration.

DLP capabilities – Build in DLP capabilities as well as third party ICAP integration with commercial products such
as Websense and Symantec DLP

Content filtering – SSL Session termination for in depth inspection and content modification. Supports both
HTTPS & SIP protocol

MDM integration – Restrict usage of application to managed devices.

No password authentication – Push notification approval app. Implemented in conjunction with risk engine and
optionally with biometric or pattern authentication.

Application firewall – Request sanitization and rewrite, protocol and application level validation.

Soft token authentication – Integration with Google or Microsoft Azure authenticators.

Authentication risk engine – Threat identification and based on geolocation, device identifiers and behavior profiling.

Antivirus – Content inspection utilizing third party vendors, in the DMZ before entering network.

Active Directory credential protection – Dedicated app password authentication.

Mobile PKI – Mobile authentication and digital signing using smart cards.

Bastion Reverse Proxy

The company’s core product suite is based on Bastion – a reverse proxy with the capability of handling external access security threats.
Bastion is a lightweight, extendable and highly scalable reverse proxy solution, focused on content filtering and access control. By employing a pluggable filtering architecture, Bastion can be easily extended to support any security requirement, using traffic filtering modules.

No password authentication

To address password theft and user password management frustration, AGAT offers a mobile app approver that creates a seamless user experience.
Users receive a notification message through the mobile app, which they can approve.
AGAT’s authentication risk engine evaluates the process in the background based on user profiling and may require additional authentication based on the risk level.
Companies seeking an even safer approach can add biometric authentication or pattern password to the app.